Mar. 24: Beautiful day to be outdoors

Thursday morning we woke to two inches of snow—the most we’ve add all winter—and school was on a 2-hour delay. Yesterday was sunny and gorgeous and I needed my sunglasses at 7am.

Weather is so stupid.

But when it’s sunshiney and warm(ish) and beautiful and cheery, I will not complain.

(Weather is still totally stupid.)

Victor mowed the backyard today. It took him longer to clean up the yard than it did to mow. All the stuff out there is courtesy of our giant puppy. Here’s a pic I took of Her Silliness about a month ago:

She's 16 times bigger now than she was when I took this picture

It’s a little hard to see, but that’s a big piece of firewood, tons of bamboo leaves and tree branches—or, as Lucy would put it if she could speak, “my trophies!” What you can’t see here are the plastic bags that once held pea gravel (I think she ate all the gravel out of them and then dragged the bags into the yard), and the pieces of Charlie Brown tree. A few years ago Victor came home with the saddest little pine tree, but he loved it back to health—seriously, I don’t know *what* he was doing out there with that tree night after night—and it got all bushy and not Charlie Brown-y. AND THEN LUCY CAME TO LIVE HERE.

We took our sweet girl in to be spayed yesterday. She’s still a little wobbly and groggy, and 53 groggy pounds is a LOT to herd around the house, especially wearing an Elizabethan collar (her, not me). We’re trying to keep her apart from the little dog for 24 hours or so, just to let her heal a bit before they start in again with their constant romping. That is also a challenge, and a noisy one. There is lots of barking (them, not me) and whining (mostly me). I’m glad dogs recover faster from abdominal surgeries than people do.

On a beautiful day like today, though, Lucy is LOVING being outside and sunbathing on the deck, chewing on something she shouldn’t have.


Tummy stitches and everything, that is one happy pup.


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