May 26: This is just trivial.

I’ve been eyeballs-deep in school yearbook doodies the past couple weeks, but Thursday night I took a break. One of our favorite local hang-outs, Sports on Tap, was hosting a Geeks Who Drink trivia night. I’m all about trivia; my noodle is overflowing with facts about Punky Brewster and Lady & the Tramp and Sir Mix-a-Lot’s hometown, and that’s why I can’t remember maths no more.

We arrived armed with smart phones and tablets, assuming we could use them to look up answers, but the quiz master told us we could only use our brains. No way!

I thought all hope was lost.

I was soooo wrong.

Our team (“These are not the answers you’re looking for”) was Lori and Anthony, Cassie and Jeremy, and me and Vic. We were, like, the DOUBLE TRIFECTA of awesomeness, it turns out, and in first place until the very end, when we lost by four points to the hipster d-bags at the next table because Vic knew all the Kung Fu Panda answers but Jeremy didn’t write them all down because Cassie said he only needed one and then it sounded like Jeremy called her an ass and I was scared she’d punch him but I’ve always wanted to be in a bar brawl so I kept watching them glare at each other but then there was no brawl but that was probably good and then we lost so Jeremy yelled “ringers!” at the d-bags and I thought for a sec BAR BRAWL again but it didn’t happen that time either DAMMIT.

I nabbed this pic from the Geeks Who Drink web site. This was at the end, after we’d lost, but we were still smiling because BEER.

(Shown: rockin’ fockin’ perfection minus four points)

Will we be there next week to claim our rightful title? You bet your useless knowledge, we will! Sports on Tap is trying to schedule weekly trivia nights but I don’t think my liver can handle them that often (only one way to find out, though).

‘Twas a super-fun night with geeky friends. That’s the way to do things, folks.



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