Oct. 18: It’s Friday

ponch[2] Time for a list and funny photos.

  • My laptop died this week and I replaced it with a netbook. The things I love about this new toy are the size (it fits in my purse), the layout of the keyboard, and the touch screen. The things I hate? Windows 8. What I really, really hate? Windows 8. What I hate hate hate so much that if Windows 8 had a neck I would choke it? Windows 8. Gah.
  • I have never felt so stupid using a computer as I do with Windows 8. I have no idea how anyone uses it without a touch screen. I’ve spent more time this week installing and customizing than actually using the computer; I’m still adjusting to its differences and it’s a very slow process. This was supposed to be a practice post but I decided I might as well say a little bit o’ stuff too.
  • I also had to have my phone replaced this past week, and although there’s nothing new version-wise, having to restore all of my settings is the biggest pain ever. I know, I know… first world problems.
  • Dina, Lisa H-S, and I saw author Jamie Ford at Powell’s last night. He was delightful—all-around charming and funny and honest and normal. He wrote Hotel on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet and Songs of Willow Frost, if you’re not familiar with him. I haven’t read Hotel yet, but Willow Frost was a lovely story.
  • Tonight Val and I FaceTime’d Sunshine. I like her face.
  • This week I’ve been doing crock pot meals almost every day. One thing I’ve discovered is that when a recipe seems too easy, there’s a good chance it’ll taste like it was too easy too. Although everything I’ve made has been perfectly edible, only one (the pot roast) was truly delicious. I’m not giving up, though—just looking for better recipes.
  • Jack got home from Outdoor School today. I haven’t heard all the details yet, but it sounds like he had a good time. I feel like I should send his counselor a long apology letter, because Jack was in the same cabin as most of his friends and OMG, when they get together...










Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos is full of things that will make you squirm and laugh. Here’s one:


Alright, I’m falling asleep and that means it’s time to publish this pointless post and get to bed. Happy Weekend, friends!

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