Oct. 26: What brung ya

When I heard that Google changed the way searching works, I didn't much care. But then I realized that Blogger—a Google product—would no longer tell me the search terms that have brought people to my blog (not as easily, anyway, and with far less detail). THAT, I care about. Sometimes those things are way-funny head-scratchers.

I had been collecting the best ones in a draft post, and I might as well share them with you now since the list won't be getting any longer. Stoopid Google. Here are some of the words and phrases that brought people to Stuff Jen Says.

  • contra dancing adultery
  • I’m not crazy now get away from my unicorn
  • someone clumsy
  • my leg hurts
  • searchtermsfunny shit to post on Facebook
  • lh[[,/,'n,\gyjhb
  • mccain look alike
  • non cancerous causes of mild mesenteric fat stranding
  • perfectly cooked quinoa close up
  • naughty giggly lady
  • diana’s fingernails
  • diaper straightjacket
  • frightened sucking thumb in corner
  • girls with swagger
  • hot straitjacket girl
  • Mr. T Christmas
  • I shouldn’t have said that Hagrid

For the first time in years, “Zac Efron pantsless” did NOT make the list of Things That Made People Leave Jen’s Blog Super-Disappointed. I never understood that one.


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