Jan. 17: Do what you love

My goal was to blog every day this month, or at least make an effort. It appears that I’ve failed miserably, as it’s been nearly a week since my last post. But I just wasn’t feelin’ it, y’know? Like, I have a list of blog topics for the month, but none of them were screaming “write!” so I didn’t. You’re welcome.

Today, though, I’m feelin’ it. karmabusToday I’m feeling feelings about work-related feelings. Or more specifically, job search-related feelings. I’m ready to make a change in how I earn a living, but I don’t know precisely what I want to do. Every once in a while I’ll find a job listing that’s “me,” and this is almost always what happens:

  1. This job sounds like something I’m qualified for and would love!
  2. I’m super-excited!
  3. I need to write a kick-ass cover letter.
  4. I can do this.
  5. <write write write>
  6. Oh, this is gooooood, Jen. Some of your finest work.
  7. No way they won’t want to hire you.
  8. Except there’s that one qualification you don’t have…
  9. Maybe you’re not perfect for the job.
  10. Maybe you’re putting way too much effort into this application.
  11. They probably already have someone picked out and just have to go through the motions of interviewing.
  12. This is probably pointless.
  13. Meh.
  14. Why didn’t I learn more about __________ when I had the chance?
  15. Why didn’t I move to a bigger city?
  16. Why did I get a degree that I’m not really using?
  17. Why did I bother going to college?
  18. Why am I even heeeeere?
  19. Sigh.
  20. Where’s the Ativan?

If you know anyone who’s looking to pay someone to lay around all day in her jammies and read piles of books, please give them my name. I am totally qualified for that.


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  1. I Wouldn't let the "wish list" that is a job description hinder you from applying for a job. If you think you'd like it, just go for it!


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