Jan. 1: I’m busy today

Today I plan to alternate between two activities: reading and beading, even though I hate rhymes.

Victor’s at work (booooo), the kids are still in bed and probably will be for a while, and five minutes ago I decided I’m going to do whatever I want today. I guarantee that a half second after posting this, something will happen that changes my plans. OF COURSE.


I got this book for Christmas:


Amy Poehler is smart and funny, which is the exact combination I look for in a friend. We’re approximately the same age, and she tries to learn from her past, which is something I like to do too. That’s probably where the similarities of our lives end. But sometimes she says (writes) things that I would totally fist-bump her for, were she standing in front of me. Here’s an example:

“Going from crying to laughing that fast and hard happens maybe five times in your life and that extreme right turn is the reason why we are alive, and I believe it extends our life by many years.”

If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that I one-hundred-percent-believe this is truth.

She wrote some really wonderful words about self-image that I love too:

“I had already made a decision early on that I would be a plain girl with tons of personality, and accepting it made everything a lot easier. If you are lucky, there is a moment in your life when you have some say as to what your currency is going to be … Decide what your currency is early. Let go of what you will never have. People who do this are happier and sexier.”

“Currency.” I like that.

Later she tells a story about a time she should’ve apologized but didn’t, and when she was given a chance years later and finally took it, realized how much the experience had eaten away at her all that time:

“Shame makes people abandon their children and drink themselves to death. It also keeps us from true happiness. An apology is a glorious release … a huge gift.”

Ugh. Shame does hang on when we let it, and it causes so much hurt for those affected when it goes unacknowledged. And… that’s all I’m gonna say about that here.

Right now I’m about halfway through Yes Please, so I’ll probably share more pithy bits and pieces before I’m finished—I’m almost to the chapter titled “Humping Justin Timberlake.” :) This last quote is actually from Hillary Clinton, from a letter she wrote to Amy’s newborn son:

“I know that your arrival brings great joy to your parents and entire family and I am pleased to join with them in welcoming you to New York and our nation. Best wishes for a lifetime that includes lasting friendships, boundless curiosity, a love of learning and a future that is shining and bright.”

Best. Welcome-to-the-world letter. Ever.


OK, I was gonna show a picture of my current project, but it’s a custom order and a gift, and I don’t think I should be tossing photos around just yet. So use your imagination… I have lots of these:


… and a bunch of these:


… and these are all around me:

There. That’s what’s I’m doing today. Thanks for asking.


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