August 15, 2000

All's quiet now that Sean and Stephen are on their way back to Colorado. We had a good time with them. It wasn't even hard to pull them away from video games to play "real" games in the evenings. I doubt this house has seen, or ever will see, as much pizza as we had around last week... but when you find something teenage boys will willingly eat, ya sorta go overboard.

I've been busily working on projects I put off while the boys were here last week. I did get our guest room closer to being finished--my first painting project in our house. I know, I know, it's about time after nearly THREE YEARS. It's actually been quite motivating to have it done, and I'm making choices for some of our other rooms now. During Vic's October vacation we'll try to get some more projects done.

I painted our front door--changed it from green to blue--and the boys helped me re-paint the porch. I ordered new white shutters for the front windows, since I always disliked the green, and am looking forward to their arrival. It will give the house a much softer look, although I doubt anyone besides me will even notice.

Debi changed her plans and is coming for a visit THIS weekend! Hooray! With the good weather we've been having, a trip to Saturday Market is in order. We might even find some other shopping to do too! (Don't worry, Deanna, I've got exclusive fun stuff saved for YOUR visit next month!)

A few weeks ago we had a photographer offer to do an in-home portrait session with Katie. See the results here.

I'm working on modifying my Fun Links page, which is now the Fun Stuff page with things spread out among many pages. I'm planning lots of changes as I have time to make them, though I can't promise they'll be exciting.

Thanks to those of you participating in the message board discussion and signing the guest book. It brings tears to my eyes that you care to write. Well, maybe I'm not THAT touched, but close. You give us something to look forward to when we check in to see if there have been any changes!

Looks like my good wishes for Bernie, Carolyn, and Jason Neil on their trip to Madagascar were a bit too late. Bernie had a heart attack last week and it took them 3 days to get back to the U.S. where he could be evaluated at a flea-less hospital. He underwent double bypass surgery yesterday in Spokane. I've not yet been able to reach Sherrice to hear how it went.

Now I'm REALLY worried about Ed on the burning footbridge.

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