August 8, 2000

Sean and Stephen are with us this week. Haven't seen this much video-game activity in the house since last summer when Sean was here. We've got game systems, cords, link cables, and other unidentifiable electronics everywhere. All this stuff makes me and Vic feel really, really out of it.

I took Sean, Stephen, and Katie to the photographer yesterday. The boys are a little bit too cool to be themselves in front of the camera, but check them out!

Tomorrow Katie will be six months old--the time has flown! It's amazing how quickly and how much our lives have changed. Every day she discovers new things and finds ways to make us laugh. Even though it's so much more work than we ever imagined, at the same time it's so much fun. I don't think there are very many things in life we can say that about.

<--END FUNCTION philosophical stuff-->

Watch this space in a couple weeks for Katie's six-month portraits.

We're looking forward to having some visitors over the next few months: Kathy will be coming in September, right before our trip to Las Vegas. As soon as we get back, Deanna will be here. Debi is coming in October if she can put off her open-head surgery (and if she truly loves us, she will). We'll probably see Sherrice again sometime too. Deanna would say: on the one hand, I know they're only coming to see Katie, but on the other hand, they have to see us too! HA!

...crossing my fingers that Ed is not trying to cross a wooden footbridge burning on both ends or lying robbed and naked on a volcano in Guatemala, and Bernie, Carolyn, and Jason get home safely from Madagascar...

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