August 25, 2000

Katie started crawling last week! We were expecting to have another month or two to get prepared, but she's a strong baby! We've spent the past several days rearranging everything in the house. She's working on trying to pull herself up now, and we're guessing it won't be long until we have something else to be proud of!

Debi got to witness the first crawl when she was here last weekend. We had a great time on her visit! She helped me choose more accessories for the guest room on one of our many shopping ventures. We saw some movies and worked hard to stick to our diets. Oh, and about her open-head surgery: she finally found out what's wrong with her--she's missing a bone in her face. Now, it may sound like she's a freak but she's really not. Deanna might suggest otherwise though. (Deanna, wouldn't a missing face bone make a person a slack-jawed yokel?)

Nothing else to write about. We're headed to Medford this weekend and will hopefully have some pictures to share upon our return.

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