August 31, 2000

We had a great time in Medford last weekend! We saw lots of family at my cousin's wedding--Katie especially liked Uncle Mel, who did NOT try to make her drink beer like he did to me when I was her age! We also had a wonderful visit with Katie's "Grandpa and Grandma" Don & Sharon Skundrick on Sunday. Don & Donna Marshall were gracious enough to accommodate a lot of visitors for the weekend--THANK YOU!

Well, the big news is still that Katie's crawling. She pulled herself up at Donna's last weekend, though it was on a pretty low footstool. She's starting to get much more adventurous and we're starting to get much more aware of just how many dangerous things we have in reaching distance around our house!

Her other new thing is smiling and laughing with her mouth closed. This comes from hating solid food very much. To get her to open her mouth to eat strained vegetables, we do goofy things to make her laugh and then shove the food in. She's no dummy... now she smiles and giggles, but with her mouth tightly closed.
Admittedly, acquiring a taste for solid food isn't easy with Daddy on the other side of the spoon saying, "Katie, squash is yummy, that's why Daddy eats it twice a year!"
Kathy will be here September 5-15!

New things on the site: Katie's 6-month portraits, snapshots from 5 months, the new car, and the day we spent at the Macketts' house last month.

C'mon, there must be more people out there who have had some exciting moments of near-greatness. Share them in the message board, PLEASE!

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