Dec. 12: They're just born that way

This is a transcript of an actual encounter I had with my son this evening. I wish I was making it up, but alas, this very Peter Griffin moment needs no exaggeration.

Jack comes running into the kitchen, where I am, and looks at the fireplace in the family room.

Jack: "Mommy, you need to put our stockings up on the thing!"
Me: "I will. Now go to bed, Dad's waiting for you."
Jack: "K!"

Jack runs away, but I call after him. He stops at the front door and turns around to look at me.

Me: "Good night, honey. I love you!"

Jack just stares.

Me: "I love you, Jack."

Jack stares and starts to smile.

Me: "Do you love me?"
Vic (upstairs): "Tell Mom good night and tell her you love her." (We encourage total sincerity in our home, as you can clearly tell.)

Jack smiles bigger.

I wait. A few seconds later, I hear something.

Jack's butt: "Vrrrrrrrrrrrrr."
Jack laughs and runs upstairs, where his father undoubtedly (but quietly) praises him for such well-timed punctuation.



  1. The punctuation thing certainly is gender-related. I could share my own stories of boys in my house. Maybe that's why girls talk so much. They punctuate with their mouths!

  2. Hi Guy's......How funny is that, sound like a Bubba Move!!!
    Bubba (Jonathan), Jennifer and of course Kristine say Hi...
    Merry Christmas, we loved your letter and as always the great CD..
    Hope to see all of you soon....


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