Dec. 12: Sunday fun

sundayI didn’t do my Friday post, and I didn’t make up for it yesterday with a Saturday post. I’m just not doing my blogging job very well right now. I’ve hardly spent any time on my computer over the past few days—too much holiday stuff to get done. I’m not complaining about being too busy, though, because right now everything is still Christmas-y and joyful and fun and until I get overwhelmed and whiny, you might just not find a lot to read here at Stuff Jen Says. How ‘bout this? I’m going to share some of the good stuff I’ve found on the ‘net in the past few weeks.

  • If you’re not anti-hilarious-cartoon Loveliest Lori, you’ll enjoy this 3-D Perry the Platypus Christmas ornament. (I love you dearly, Lori, but you really should give Phineas & Ferb a chance.)
  • Suspected terrorists vs. the average person. This made me chuckle.
  • Not sure what to get for the man on your Christmas list? Here are some ideas that won’t help you even a tiny bit.
  • See that box on the left that says “Twitters that made me LOL”? You should scroll through and read some of them beauties. There are some very funny people saying very funny things out there on Twitter.
  • Sunshine shared this and I love it:
He’s charming as can be, no?
  • This isn’t funny or even all that interesting, but I love the new engagement photos of Prince William and Kate. His natural smile is so much like his momma’s.
  • New York designers say these are the colors for the upcoming season. Who knew? (And Erin, I can’t believe you “swoon” over any one of them. They’re colors. Silly girl.)
  • One of the reasons I dislike Céline Dion is that this parody is remarkably accurate in the way she behaves in interviews (here’s a short example of the real thing). Tracey Ullman is one of the most underrated actresses out there. For a real kick, watch some of her other videos on YouTube. So funny.
  • We went to IKEA the other day, and I found the Christmas décor there kind of disappointing. A lot of it looks like 4th of July décor to me, which I think is weird because Scandinavians don’t celebrate the 4th of July like we do, right? They have some fun star ornaments, and I love their strings of lights, but there’s an awful lot of blue in most of their SNÖVITA line. Meh.
  • Some people bug the hell out of me.
  • (Wow, how’d that sneak in there? That has nothing to do with stuff I’ve found on the Internet at all. Hm.)
  • Our niece, Presley, got a new kitty! She might just be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Meet Cookie:


  • Sunshine told me there’s all this fancy wish list stuff on Etsy now, and you can see what your friends want and they can see what you want and OMG I can’t imagine what could be better except maybe if y’all buy me everything on my list twice.
  • I was thinking that the new Jack Black/Jason Segel Christmas Jam would be a good last-minute addition to our Christmas CD, so I downloaded it and was all happy until I realized the mp3 has the same content as the video. In other words, there’s talking on the song, and I hate when people talk on songs. Bummer.
  • Did you see Community this last week? Clever.

I’ve got a CD to finish, letter to edit, labels to print, gifts to make, soup on the stove, a HUGE etsy wish list to create, and an ornament exchange party to go to this evening. T’will be a good day.



  1. Tracey Ulmann is a dead ringer to Celine Dion. Now that's some funny stuff!

  2. If you are a Pomplamoose fan you can get their Christmas digital album by donating to a book charity thing on Amazon :

    Dan and I are big Pomplamoose fans and had to have this for our Christmas mix this year.

  3. I don't get the blue (color) at Christmas, either. It's a bit of a thing in Canada... much more than here, so maybe it's a "northern" trend? Hmmm...

    Fun list. Now if I actually had time to go click on all the links...! Dang busy holiday time. xo

  4. Isn't my husband delightful? My favorite part of the video is (all of it)...minute 1:30. Love you, Michael.--Your Forever and Evah, Mrs. Sunshine Buble

  5. Isn't my husband delightful? My favorite part of the video is (all of it)...minute 1:30. Love you, Michael.--Your Forever and Evah, Mrs. Sunshine Buble


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