Dec. 30: Christmas CD 2010

I apologize that our Christmas cards went out so late this year. It wouldn’t be a big deal—most were received before Christmas—but since many of you get our annual Christmas music compilation CD along with our card, the lateness gave you very little time to listen to the CD before the holidays were over. Sorry. Really. I’m totally blaming Vic. He was all “meh” about some of the songs and really wasn’t very helpful making decisions,which extended the process considerably. Pfft. Fortunately, he was VERY helpful in burning and labeling and packaging (oh my!), or you wouldn’t have them yet.

I’ve been meaning to share a little background about our choices for this year’s CD. Here ya go:

  1. Toy Packaging by Sara Groves
    I found this cute little tune on Amazon in mid-November. I knew immediately it would have to be the opening song for this year because it’s so catchy and fun. “Never mind this dynamite…” Smile  I might just enjoy her non-Christmas music, too—what I’ve heard so far, I like.
  2. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Barenaked Ladies/Sarah McLachlan
    I’m not a huge fan of Sarah McLachlan, but BNL helped even out the goodness of this song. There are two versions out there, and this one is a lot more “up” than the other. This is the first time this Christmas hymn has been on our annual CD.
  3. The Carol Of The Bells by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons jinglebells01
    We chose this song with Loveliest Lori in mind.
  4. Joy To The World by The Supremes
    This is another song that we’ve never used before. There are so many versions out there; I chose this one because it’s a little more upbeat than most. I also chose it because I was Dreamgirls-obsessed most of the year.
  5. We Three Kings by Pink Martini
    Pink Martini came out with a Christmas album this year, and while this wasn’t my favorite song, I wanted to use it because there aren’t very many good versions of this song around.
  6. The Happiest Christmas Tree by Nat King Cole
    I discovered this old, forgotten song and thought it was fun. A little silly, but cute.
  7. Christmas Island by Jimmy Buffett
    I’ll never forget when we spent the first two weeks of December 1998 vacationing in Hawaii. It was so strange to see people in swimsuits and flip-flops walk past displays of Santa and his fleet of reindeer guiding his sleigh. Weird weird weird weird. But it was Hawaii, so, y’know, we dealt with it. Winking smile  Anyway, this song went on this year’s CD in honor of my friend Hawaii Laura.
  8. Little Christmas Tree by Michael Jackson
    I loves me that old Jackson 5 stuff. Little Michael was such a cutie.
  9. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing by Frank Sinatra
    Wouldn’t be Christmas without a little Frank.
  10. Bring Me Love by Marié Digby
    Horror of horrors, I found this on a Disney Christmas CD of Katie’s—alongside Jonas Brothers and Aly & AJ and Miley “Lindsay Lohan” Cyrus. Ugh. But I thought this song was so cute, I couldn’t resist including it this year.
  11. Christmas Is a Comin’ by Bing Crosby
    Like the Nat King Cole song above, here’s a Christmas tune we don’t hear very often.
  12. Can I Interest You In Hanukkah? by Stephen Colbert/Jon Stewart
    Two of the funniest, smartest men on television? Yes, please!! “They are CANDLES!”
  13. Jingle Bell Rock by Wayne Newton
    Recorded around the time of Danke Schoen, ya think?
  14. Do You Hear What I Hear by Rick Springfield
    I found Rick Springfield’s Christmas album on iTunes last year and knew I had to use it ASAP.
  15. A Holly Jolly Christmas by Burl Ives
    This is a rerun; we first used this version in 2005.
  16. What Christmas Means To Me by Al Green
    No explanation here. I just liked it.
  17. Let It Snow by Michael Bublé
    Everyone seems to record this song on their Christmas album. I still think my favorite version is by Dean Martin—he slurs the words, makes them all “hep,” and you can just picture him with booze and a cigarette in the recording studio.elvisbulb
  18. Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me) by Elvis Presley
    This was another rerun. This and “Here Comes Santa Claus” are probably my favorites by Elvis. I’d put them on our CD every year if I could. Can I?
  19. Happy Holiday/The Holiday Season by Andy Williams
    Andy is a huge part of my memories of childhood Christmases.
  20. The 12 Days Of Christmas by Straight No Chaser
    This is such a fun version of this song. Who knew “Africa” could be blended into it so perfectly? Toto always makes me think of Mike Devitt—I don’t know why—so this went on our CD for him.
  21. O Come All Ye Faithful by Nat King Cole
    Beautiful version.
  22. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by The Carpenters
    Christmas or not, you can’t go wrong with The Carpenters. Kim F’n will back me up on that, as well as Loveliest Lori and Sheila R.
  23. Angels We Have Heard on High by Brian McKnight/Josh Groban
    Two beautiful voices, together at last. This is such an amazing duet.
  24. Mary’s Boy Child by Harry Belafonte
    This must have been on one of my mom’s Christmas music records of old, because it sounded surprisingly familiar when I heard it the first time. We’ve never used anything by Harry Belafonte on our CD.
  25. It’s Christmas Time All Over the World by Sammy Davis Jr.
    Love Sammy, love this cute song.
  26. Starbright by Jim Brickman/Kenny Loggins
    I hope Kenny Loggins didn’t ruin your Christmas.

If you didn’t receive a CD and you want one, let me know.


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