Dec. 21: Daybook

stressLast week my laptop started acting strange and I ran a bunch of diagnostics and it said everything was fine but it wasn’t. I cursed my laptop and and its mother and copied a bunch of files to another computer so I could still get some things done, and then I bought my vajillionth USB drive with plans to back up everything. It took a few days to get around to it and this morning when I turned on my laptop it was working fine! This kinda reminds me of when my mom pulled the plug on my grandma last summer. I know my laptop’s thinking NEENER NEENER I’M STILL ALIVE AND I AM GOING TO PISS YOU OFF SOME MORE BEFORE I FINALLY DIE. See, just like Grandma.

The good thing about my computer working again, of course, is that it has most of my files on it and I don’t have to go looking for the latest version of them on all the different computers I’ve been using. The bad thing is it appears that Microsoft Office no longer resides on my hard drive. Microsoft Office, y’know, the suite of applications that absolutely helps me sort out my life and work and inner child and alternate personalities. Don’t act like you don’t feel the same way about Office. You know you do. Until I find my original setup CD, I shall curse without ceasing. You might want to plug your ears.

OK, all done for now.

Oh, and I fixed the comma key that wasn’t working by shaking my laptop upside down. Beads dropped out of the keyboard. Teeny, tiny, little seed beads. I need to do my computing and my beading in different places, it would seem.


Outside my window... there are boys wrestling in the middle of the street. One of them is my boy and this makes me wonder what on earth is wrong with him. I don’t know one of the kids out there, but he’s beating up on my kid and part of me wants to let him so my kid will learn his lesson, but part of me doesn’t want to buy Jack new glasses for the sixth time this year. I just went out and yelled at them to knock it off and they did. (I’m not an idiot; I know they probably just moved down the street.)

This weekend, I… did some shopping, wrapped lots of gifts, finished our Christmas letter, made some gifts, dragged my husband to stores he hates, and watched holiday movies. Except for a little stress, it was loads of fun.

I am thinking... that I might be done feeling overwhelmed, but I’m probably not. Even though the Christmas cards are almost all delivered—and that was a huge project—I still have Poker Night on Thursday to prepare for, as well as our Christmas Eve bash. This might just be the last of my sanity you’ll ever see, people.

I am thankful... that Victor’s been so willing to help me with our holiday preparations this year. I typically don’t ask him for help, or can’t count on him to help, but this year he’s really come through for me. Us. Whatever. We only got our cards out because he did most of the work. Yay, Vic!

I am working on... straightening up the house because we’ve got people coming over for the next several evenings. I’m super-excited to host these events, but I would d-i-e-DIE if anyone saw my kitchen table right now.

I am going... to go shopping for something scary today or tomorrow. I need some kind of goodie for a gift exchange party tomorrow night at Cindi’s, and it has to be “scandalous.” I don’t do “scandalous.” I do “sweet” or “adorable” or “funny” or “weird.” Not “scandalous.”

Around the house... it definitely looks like Christmas. Such fun!

One of my favorite things... is how much Scout loves the Christmas tree (see below).

Plans for the rest of the week: somethin’ fun at Cindi’s tomorrow, Poker Night on Thursday, our traditional Christmas Eve Chinese food dinner on Friday, and The Big Day on Saturday! Hooray!

Here’s an image I want to share:

scout christmas tree

So much for using the bears to keep the dog out from under the tree.

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  1. I'm one of those strange Linuxy Types, so I really don't feel that way about Microsoft Office to be honest with you, but I get what you're getting at - it can be super frustrating to be away from a favorited computer program.

    Also, my meanie of a computer does the same thing to me on a constant basis. It's all "Oh my good lord I'm going to DIE!" and I get all upset but also partly excited about finally replacing it and then it's like "Whoops false alarm. I'm probably annoyingly fine actually."

    Also hurray for Vic helping out so much and getting the Christmas cards out - such a cute card!!


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