Feb. 23: Many words on Wednesday

It’s weird that it’s Wednesday and I’m doing a bulleted list post. I don’t know if it’s early for this week or late from last week, but here’s the kind of stuff I usually post on Fridays.

  • mickeyminnieToday is our anniversary of 14 delightful herpes-free years of wedded bliss. Yay us! Victor and I are going out for dinner tonight, and that’s about it for celebrations. Next year, though, I’ll need someone to walk around with me all day just to hold my hand up, as it will be too heavy with new diamonds for me to hold it up myself. Yep.
  • The 80’s radio station on Pandora is funny. In the past 20 minutes they’ve played Chicago, Thompson Twins, and Barry White. It’s just… funny. I don’t think I’ve ever owned anything by Chicago, but they are one of the sounds of the 80’s, for sure. I don’t hate them. I loved—looooooved!—Thompson Twins back in the day, and had (OK, have) everything they ever produced, including imports and the stuff they did that was total crap. I still love them, and when I hear “If You Were Here” from the last scene of Sixteen Candles? Swooooon! And Barry White, the King of the Panty Remover Voices™? Yowza. Again, I don’t have anything of his except a single here and there, but boy, can that guy sing. More than anything, listening to Pandora’s 80’s radio station reminds me how much shitty music came out of that decade. But it’s my music, and my decade. Yeah, I know: yikes.
  • Speaking of the 80’s, my 25th high school reunion planning is now in full swing. Lisa and I are busy perfecting a fabulous event for our classmates. Here’s a suggestion if you don’t want to help plan high school reunions for the rest of your life: don’t be friends with your class historian during the key reunion years. I mean, I love Lisa and stuff, but after all the work surrounding our 20th, and now this… I might re-think our friendship when our 30th is on the horizon. Winking smile
  • It’s supposed to snow today. Loveliest Lori and I are most certainly displeased about this forecast, as we are both firmly in the I-Hate-Snow-And-Threats-Of-Snow-Or-Anything-Related-To-Snow camp. I’m worried that this predicted storm will keep me and Victor from going out for our anniversary dinner tonight, and that it will greatly lessen the number of people who show up for our school’s California Pizza Kitchen fundraiser tomorrow night. Remember, Portland totally shuts down with a mere inch of snow. Grrr.
  • I mentioned last week that I’m compiling blog posts relating to my kicking of cancer’s ass. As I fill in the gaps with narrative, I’m feeling forced to be more honest than I really want to be. Is this how autobiographies become “inspired by” fiction? I think I’d much prefer to tell the “loosely based on” story of my life. I’m not quite so repellent in that one.
  • Here’s a secret that has nothing to do with the above: I have at least 15 items of clothing hanging in my closet that I haven’t worn in ages because they need to be ironed. Ironing just seems so pointless; as soon as you put on a seat belt or pass out on Val’s couch the clothes get all wrinkled again. Pffft.
  • (I know that secret was not very revealing. You can’t make me say anything I’m not ready to say. So there.)

That’s it for now. I need to go make California Pizza Kitchen posters to hang up at the school for the fundraiser that probably won’t raise very many funds. Unnecessary effort? Pick me! Pick me!


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  1. I remember you having me listen to the cool, cutting edge sounds of the Thompson Twins new album on the bus. I suppose we were on our way to the senior trip, but I sure recall the tunes.


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