Jul. 28: Big day for Katie

before! I’m so proud of my sweet Katie girl today. She’s been talking about getting her hair cut short, and this week she decided she wanted to donate it. We looked into Locks of Love, which makes wigs for children with alopecia or cancer, but she preferred the Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program because it makes wigs for women going through chemotherapy. She liked the idea of helping someone like ME. Beautiful Lengths accepts a shorter length than Locks of Love, and I think she was nervous about getting TOO much cut off. Who wouldn’t be?

We spent the morning washing, conditioning and drying her hair thoroughly. I kept telling her how much easier that process would be once she got the cut—I think it made me happier than it made her, because OMG, it took forever to dry her hair and I got soooo bored. I’m glad she doesn’t ask me to help her do that very often. Yes, I’m a horrible mom.

We went to my stylist extraordinaire, Michelle, for the cut. Michelle did my hair and makeup for my wedding, and she did my makeup for last year’s topless photo session. I’ve been going to her for nearly 20 years, and she’s gotten me through some very important and special moments in that time. This was definitely one more.

Michelle started out by putting Katie’s hair in a low ponytail, and then she braided it. Katie has a TON of hair—it was one very thick braid, and nine inches long. (I tried to take a picture of it but it looked less like a big thick braid than something really kinda gross that should not be photographed.) Then the cutting began. It’s probably a good thing Katie couldn’t see this part. It freaked me out—just the no-turning-back-ness of it, y’know? She hasn’t had hair this short since first grade.


We used Miss Emma’s hair as a guide for the new style—thanks, April, for getting your girl that way-cute haircut that Katie and I both love! There was more trimming and texturing…


And when it was all done, here’s how my very happy Katie looked:


Tomorrow we’ll be putting her giant braid in the mail to Beautiful Lengths. I hope someone will soon be wearing a wig made of Katie’s gorgeous hair and feeling more confident about the way she looks. That’s what this is all about, right?



  1. She must be SO SO proud of herself, what a beautiful thing to do and a GREAT excuse for a GREAT haircut, too! I'm now seriously considering growing my hair until I have enough to donate to Beautiful Lengths, too!

  2. Oh dear, you may regret making little Katie look like she's 21 years old...gorgeous!


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