Sep. 24: Currently

In an effort to get back in the habit of blogging regularly, I present the following very boring post.

I am currently:


…to the original Broadway cast recording of Les Miz. It’s just about the only thing I’ve listened to for the past two weeks—I’m absolutely in love with this soundtrack. And after the disaster that was Shrek The Musical last week (ugh—terrible!), it’s good to listen to music that doesn’t make me wanna shove icepicks into both ears.


…nothing at the moment. I had pizza for breakfast.


…water. An iced coffee is sounding good though…


…the clothes I slept in. I’m gonna do my darndest to stay in them all day. (You might want to call before you come over.)


…good. Better. Long talks with Mom and a couple of friends yesterday helped. I really overdid it this week—I had a bazillion things to do and was terrible about asking others for help; I let myself get totally stressed. I’m a moron. I shall work on that.


…iced coffee. And a maid. And a butler. And a vacation. And another vacation. And maybe one more just for fun. And a puppy.


…to ignore assholes. They’re just assholes. They think they matter, but they don’t.

…to get organized. My desk is piled with papers and projects. That’s my goal for today—I want to see the top of my desk, even if it means shoving everything onto the floor. I’ll do it, I will. Don’t tempt me.


…about that iced coffee…


…the support of friends and family, the goodness and generosity of people who ask for nothing in return, and the gorgeous blue sky outside my window. Life can be a lovely thing. Today, for sure, mine certainly is.

I hope you’re feeling the same. Unless you’re an asshole—then I hope you trip into a piranha-filled pond. Twice.

Finally, I leave you with this little giggle I found at When Parents Text:



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