Sep. 29: In which I barely mention school

I know I should post something just to say that yes, I am still alive. The problem is that I can only talk about school stuff right now and that means I will absolutely put you to sleep if you read this. Much as it might surprise you, I never intentionally set out to put you to sleep. So… here’s my effort to share things that are in no way related to school or school accessories:

  • Vic and the kids are going to Seattle for the weekend. On their agenda: BrickCon and a Seahawks game. If they have garlic fries at Qwest like they do next door at Safeco, Vic is going to eat them and reek for days. Last week he posted on Facebook that he ate a bunch of garlic and then I told him he stunk, making me sound like the meanest wife ever. In my defense, though, he totally stunk.
  • With Stinky & Kids away, I have a peaceful house to myself for the entire weekend. Bliss.
  • My dear friends Deanna and Debi are going to be in town next week. They’re bringing their daughters and have invited me and Katie to join them. I look forward to seeing everyone and doing girly things.
  • Do you know who this guy is?

It’s Nick Offerman.
You might know him better as Ron Swanson.
Also Megan Mullally’s husband.
Without that crazy hair and thick ‘stache… he looks so young.

  • Parks & Rec is such a great show.
  • (I just can’t get over that pic up there.)
  • (You try to look away! You can’t!)
  • OK, I tried. There’s nothing else left for me to say. I almost wrote about the digital cable TV channels I recently found. Yes, life so boring here at the House of Manullang that I started to write about what happens when I push the channel button on the remote. Sorry.


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