Sep. 7: This ain’t cool

Today is my kids’ second day of school. They both left wearing shorts. It’s 90,000,000° outside (I *might* have some extra zeroes there). The A/C already came on, promising the indoors will be a cool respite from the outdoors, even though having the windows already closed means the air will be stale and icky within hours. The car’s interior is seventh-level-of-hell-hot, and second degree burns to any skin that comes in contact with said interior is a given. And yet… I see people posting on Facebook and in their blogs about the cool fall weather, even rain. WTF???

I’m not complaining—the warm weather here is lovely, even when it’s too hot to enjoy. Just knowing it’s out there makes me happy.

But it ain’t fall here, folks. It ain’t. You are wrong, people who live in other parts of the country. Wrong, I tells ya. The calendar says it’s still summer and so does the thermometer in my car.

Now, pass the iced tea before the heat exhaustion kills me dead.



  1. Ha. Pretty much how it's playing out up here in WW, too. The evenings, though, are just beautiful--mornings too. It's the damned middle of the day that is still crazy hot...

    Stay hydrated, lady! xo

  2. P.S. By hydrated, I mean G&Ts on the deck.

  3. Don't be jealous of our sweaters and warm teas! :) You know what they say about unnaturally greener grass - it's probably got all kindsa gunky stuff going on you don't really want. Enjoy your iced tea, I could go for a glass myself!


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