Feb. 13: Currently

Here’s what’s up.


… to utterly danceable Whitney Houston radio on Pandora. Whitney’s music was a favorite of mine through high school and a little bit beyond, and it’s sad that she’s gone. Listening to the really old stuff (her first two albums) brings back memories of unrequited love/lust, the long drive between here and Walla Walla, and late nights in the dorm.

(I like NOT to think about the constant play of “I Will Always Love You” after The Bodyguard came out. I loved the song and I loved the movie, but the hype was really much too much for even the hardcore-est of fans.)


… a quesadilla. Thank goodness all Katie’s birthday cake is finally gone, or I’d be shoving it in my face for the billionth time since Thursday.


… water with MiO.

Wow, this is boring.


… a hoodie, yoga pants, and slippers. Have I told you about my favorite slippers I got for Christmas? They’re warm and cozy, and sturdy enough for walks out to the mailbox.

Complete truth: they’re a little too warm sometimes. Also, I occasionally wear them to places other than the mailbox. Like, to school. It’s never intentional, really. I wouldn’t ever intentionally wear my slippers in public.

Complete complete truth: OK, sometimes it’s intentional. They’re very comfy slippers.


… better after three days of antibiotics. I have another sinus infection, apparently. Everyone else in the house has had the same thing now, but I’m the only one who got sick enough for antibiotics. Lucky, lucky me.

… proud of my girl. Katie turned 12 last week. She’s a sweetheart and we adore her, of course. Here’s Katie at our family get-together:

A little embarrassed at the attention

Telling Jack to “stop singing like that”

More embarrassment

A bit of boredom (it’s a long song!)

Thinking up a good wish


Got ‘em all in one breath!

“No, Jack, you can’t lick all the candles!”

Her response to “what did you wish for?”
(Gah. How is she already 12 years old?)



… is grey and a little dreary, but not too cold. It’s suddenly feeling like the transition between winter and spring, which is JUST FINE with me.


… a nap, of course. I’m always wanting a nap. In the book I’m reading, Glinda calls her nap “a little lie-down with the shades drawn,” and I think that sounds so much nicer than “I’m lazy as hell and so very tired of thinking about all the crap I need to do.”


… to get out the door and run errands. I started at least three projects this weekend that are begging for completion, and I have a meeting tonight and deadlines tomorrow.


… that pretty soon everything in our backyard will be inside our house. Lucy has access to the entire yard now, and every few minutes brings in a new discovery—so far it’s mostly been tree branches and stalks of bamboo, but there have been some surprises too, like a long-forgotten popped rubber ball, dirty plant pots, and rocks OMG the rocks.


… some calm before the chaos of the week takes over later today. Ah, peace.

I hope you find some peace this week too.


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