Feb. 16: IDCEAYWTPFriday, Entertainment Edition

Edited to add 2/16 8:45pmSo, was anyone planning to point out that it is not actually Friday? It feels like Friday to me—the kids are out of school tomorrow and it seems totally believable that I’ve already done five days this week. Gah.

Rather than un-post this, I’m leaving it up because it’ll be Friday in a few hours. That I’m leaving it uncorrected oughta clear up any concerns that I might be a psychotic perfectionist who would lose sleep over a teeny-tiny error like getting the day of the week wrong. I will very likely get up during the night and fix it, though, in which case you won’t even be reading this tomorrow or tonight or ever.

ponchHere we go again with I Don’t Care Enough About You to Write in Transitioning Paragraphs Friday, with one small difference: my paragraphs have transitions (kinda). This post actually has a bit of a theme.

  • On Valentine’s Day we celebrated as a family by seeing Disney’s Beauty & the Beast, part of the Broadway in Portland series. (Lest you think we are so conscientious to plan our outing to happen specifically on that day, know this: all our season tickets are for Tuesday shows—in other words, there was no planning whatsoever.) Vic and I had seen B&tB twice before and really loved it, but this was Katie and Jack’s first time—unless you count the Clackamas High School performance a few years ago, and I don’t think you should because that sucked bad.
  • There were some differences compared to the performances we saw before, and one of them was that they took out the “No Matter What” song, which I love. Belle’s father was a young guy in a bad old guy costume. Cogsworth looked like George Costanza. There were a lot of minor differences like that, and what seemed like a little ad-libbing—I soooo did not approve of the character breaking. It works in some shows, but not this one. Generally, though, we really did enjoy ourselves. The tavern number was as fabulous as always. The transformation was the best one I’d seen. The music of B&tB is so good, and I cried in three different parts, which I almost NEVER do.
  • I don’t want to turn into one of those asshole theater critics who has zero right to critique. I mean, I know that high school productions should not be compared to Broadway productions. And the Broadway shows I see are touring productions, which are often scaled down from the original show. I’ve never even been to a Broadway show on Broadway—I’m just being a big fat jerk when I complain that Shrek The Musical was crap.
  • But, to be fair, Shrek the Musical was crap.
  • Next up: Wicked at the end of March. If they fark with that show, I’ll stand up and scream. I’ll stand up, in my cheap seats, with my purse full of bottled water and snacks for the family, and complain loudly. Don’t test me, touring cast of Wicked. I will do it.
  • Sometimes people you know are heroes and sometimes they get to be on TV because they did their job, which is being a hero. I’m an idiot and can’t embed the video, so watch it here, because OMG, you gotta check out the firedude at 1:29—he belongs to my girl Val! I think it’s awesome that he actually got to do something fire-related, since he seems to get called a lot by people who are freaking out over blood on their toothbrush.
  • This isn’t quite as exciting as Chris Fukai being the studliest stud this side of Studville, but it’s new music from Train and that’s not bad:
  • Here are some hilarious photos you have to see.
  • Pinterest silliness:


  • My favorite line from Modern Family last night, when they talked about Mitchell’s sister donating eggs for their surrogate mother and he started feeling weird about it:
    Mitchell: “What do I say to the baby? ‘Say hi to your Aunt Mommy.’”
    Cam: “Adorable.”
    Mitchell: “No, NOT adorable. Appalachian.”
  • Now I can judge the level of busy-ness of my week by how much I have to watch on Hulu—right now, I’m about three days behind the original air dates of “my” shows. I only caught Modern Family today because I was trying to kill time between two long phone calls. If I suddenly got sick and had to stay in bed all weekend, I think I’d be kinda happy.

Have a good weekend!



  1. I got my mom a ticket to Wicked for Christmas, just like you suggested. I can't wait! I saw it 2 years ago when it was here and it was AMAZING! Scott is getting tickets to Jersey Boys for Father's Day. :)

  2. I have nothing to add to any of your show critiques, not having seen a one... but I did really enjoy Modern Family, and I'm just about as far behind as you. I'm not planning on getting sick, but I think a good case of laziness might just strike this weekend!


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