Feb. 6: Daybook


Outside my window... the sun is shining and it’s gorgeous. It was like this all weekend too. I think it was just last week I was saying how dreary it was, but WOW, the gleaming outdoors right now sure makes up for that. It looks like spring outside. Still feels like winter, but looks like spring. This makes for some very happy Portlanders.

This weekend, I… went to Seattle (more on that below) and watched three more episodes of Downton Abbey, on which I’m currently hooked—note to Mother Mary, YOU WILL LOVE THIS SHOW. We also got a LOT done around the house… cleaned the outside of all the kitchen cabinets and doors… swept and vacuumed… hung pictures in the living room… cleared off the dining room table (our catch-all spot)… organized PTO papers… bagged up donation stuff… did the laundry that piles up and never gets done unless my mom visits… so much work! I was a 409-wielding housewife, yessirree.

I am thinking... that if I can keep this momentum going, I might actually get a lot done during the week too.

I am thankful for... the love and support of very dear friends. Victor and I went to Camille’s memorial service on Saturday. It was a heartbreaker, for sure. She was loved by so many, and this is a loss keenly felt by her adoring family and dear friends. As people talked about Camille’s artistic ways and sensitive nature, I was reminded of so many times I was on the receiving end of her talents—she sketched my favorite picture of me and my dad from my wedding day, made me a set of beautiful sparkly earrings, and prepared many a fancy plate at our parties, to name just a few of her many gifts. She was CAMILLE. So special.

I am also thankful for… the pharmaceuticals that kept me from turning into a blubbering, wailing mess that day.

I am creating... a school carnival! Well, I’m having a lot of help. A LOT. We have our big-deal WinterFest coming up at the end of the month, and it’s unbelievable how much planning goes into it. WinterFest is the biggest event of the year, with games and food and fun and prizes and raffle baskets and much excitement. This year we got donations of some really amazing stuff to raffle that I think I’ve blathered on about already, but here we go again: four Disneyland park hopper passes, this year’s American Girl doll of the year, a Keurig machine, $300 of Stampin’ Up supplies, a $900 Electrolux vacuum cleaner, gift cards, and tons more. We be a thrilled PTO!

I am hearing... peace and quiet. I have a meeting at 1pm, but until then I’m catching up with emails and PTO stuff and enjoying a semi-leisurely morning—this starts once the kids have left for school and the dogs finally stop romping. Ahhh.

I am wondering… how I have a 12-year-old. Katie’s birthday is Thursday—seriously, how did this happen? I remember wondering WHAT WAS I THINKING like it was yesterday, yet it was ten days after she was born. She’s a pretty good kid; for that I credit the village that’s raising her, not so much me. But her height? Definitely a Saltmarsh thing. That girl is TALL. I know Sunrise, Sunset is a wedding song, but I think I could sing it to Katie just about every day. And she would smile and hug me sweetly and tell me to please stop singing right now.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Several meetings, a little work, a visit from Mother Mary, and Katie’s party on Friday night; she’s invited just one friend for bunches of fun, girly things. A mani/pedi for everyone? Yes please!

Here are a few things you should see because they are funny and I like funny:






Here’s to a week full of joy. You deserve it.


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  1. More than a little jealous of your sunshine. Grrr. Not fair. We are supposed to have better weather than you, ALL the time. My universe is topsy turvy now.

    And yeah for another Downton fan. So happy you've joined in. It's soapy crack, for sure.



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