Feb. 7: Be a Hoe!

relayforlifeGet ready to start hearing about Relay for Life!

The kickoff meeting was a couple weeks ago, and as of today we have about 150 days to raise a kajillion dollars to fight cancer. Remember, if you don’t participate in Relay, or at least donate to ACS, that means you LIKE cancer. I mean, we’ll assume that you do...

We’re The Hoe-Downs again this year because it’s such an awesome name (thank you, Fancy Lori™) and we don’t want to change it. Last year’s theme was something about a rodeo. This year the theme is “Cruisin’ for a Cure” and is kind of a fifties thing. I think. The event chair was dressed like Lucille Ball, but it’s possibly she dresses like that every day.

Last year we were the fundraising-est team of all, thanks to Tony. But this year Tony is on a different team, so we abandoned (boohoo!) Hoe-Downs need to work our arses off if we expect to get another award like this one:

Hoe-Downs certificate 001

(Actually, if you look not even very closely, you’ll see that this certificate says that we participated, not that we raised money. But if you don’t look not even very closely, it looks like we won a prize.)

I’m asking y’all for one of three things:

  1. Be a Hoe. Join our team! I think the system closes us off at 15 members, so we’ll probably need two or three teams. Fancy Lori, pretty please think up some more good team names!
  2. Create your own team. It’s OK with me. More cancer fighters = more ass-kicking, and that’s good. If you’re a family as big as the F’n Wicks, you’ll have to create two or three teams just to get all of youse in! Winking smile
  3. Donate to American Cancer Society—donate in my name, to our team in general, or whatever you choose; it’s up to you. Ultimately, it all ends up in the hands of ACS.

The North Clackamas Relay for Life 2012 is July 7 and 8—get it on your calendar. Even if you can’t be part of a team, you can still visit! We’ll be there for 24+ hours starting at 10am-ish Saturday. The event is all-around great fun for a life-saving cause!


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