Aug. 10: IDCEAYWTPFriday

ponchMy favorite thing about I Don’t Care Enough About You to Write in Transitioning Paragraphs Friday is shirtless Ponch. Yay, shirtless Ponch!  Don’t deny it—you’re happy to see him too.

  • This might have been my favorite thing that’s ever come out of Jack’s mouth, right up there with “Mom, you’re so much cooler than Dad” and anything that isn’t vomit.  Yesterday we were watching the Olympics and I mentioned how funny diving is because every dive looks so great until they show them in slow motion and then everyone’s all WOW, THAT TOTALLY SUCKED!! Jack said, “What I don’t like about watching football on TV is that after every play they have to show it in slow motion and talk about it forever. It takes a really long time.” Since he’s pretty much all-football-all-the-time these days, and I am what you call a Hater of Football, this surprised and thrilled me. He’s starting to get it! He’s finally understanding one of the most annoying things about a sport that makes no sense! Also, I hope he doesn’t get it completely until this season is over because football is very time-consuming for Jen and we’re already committed.
  • Have you seen these free handwriting fonts? I love ‘em!
  • Last week I shared some of the DIY cleanser recipes I’ve been using. Here’s a site that lists a whole bunch of them. I can’t vouch for any of them, but if you’re looking for varieties on the theme, you’ll have a lot from which to choose.
  • Tonight’s Mary Carillo report on the Olympics was about royal titles and family coats of arms (coat of armses? coats of arm?). Here’s the Saltmarsh coat of arms images I found in Google image search:

    saltmarshcoatofarms1  saltmarshcoatofarms2

    The Latin phrase on the “Saltmarshe” one means “power to the stars.” I don’t know what all the other symbols represent but I think I’m supposed to be more impressed than I am.
  • Did they seriously just interrupt the Olympics with the “breaking news” that Mitt Romney’s going to announce his running mate tomorrow? Why is it breaking news that he’s GOING to announce? How ‘bout we break into stuff with actual news? Pffft.
  • Y’know those fabulous Dole Whips at some Disney parks? Here’s a recipe to make them at home. Yuuuum.
  • Have you seen the latest Simon’s Cat videos? So cute.

In closing, here’s a photo just for Sunshine.

jonbaker  Winking smile

That is all. Have a good one, peeps.


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