Aug. 13: Keeping up with the Sherilees

willshakespeareSherilee occasionally posts poetry on her blog, and it’s so meaningful and well-chosen, and in comparison, it makes my blog smell like cantaloupe that was left out overnight: Dumpster-y. But this morning I thought, HEY! I can post poetry too! I wrote poems once upon a time, and they were gooooood.

Here’s a favorite—Kim F’n-W and I wrote it in 1988-ish for Mike Devitt’s roommate in France, whom we’d never met but he once told Mike to tell us “hi,” so, y’know, we had to behave like good Americans and respond in the most cordial way we knew how. You would NEVER KNOW that this was hastily composed on the back of a US Bank receipt while we sat in a parking lot in Walla Walla. Never.

To that guy in Mike’s room 

We know a lot about you
We know we know you well
We know you know that we know
We know you know cuz we can tell.

(Kim, our invitations to be France’s co-poet laureates should arrive any day. They’re just running 24 years late…)


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