Jun. 10: Kidney stone, buh-bye!

You didn’t actually think I would pass a kidney stone and keep it to myself, did you? If so, I can only assume that you’re new here. (Welcome! Look at stuff I found in my pee!)

This morning, without pain, this little nugget showed up.


It’s hard to believe that wee (hardy har har har) tiny thing made me want to die a thousand deaths the other day. The fact that its passing was painless just shows that that prostate medication was doing its job. Even though I’m done with this kidney stone, I’m going to keep taking the Flomax to ensure my prostate’s continued health. I mean, you never really know, do you? This is certainly the first time that I have ever thought about whether my prostate was in good working order.

And just because you’re all SHE IS SO VULGAR AND/OR DISGUSTING!, here are pictures of two more things that used to be in my guts:

IMG_1114 IMG_4462

This over-sharing isn’t so weird now, maybe???


P.S. Lest you think your good wishes and happy thoughts went unnoticed, THANK YOU! I like to laugh when I feel like crying, and you guys never fail to make me do exactly that. I love you!

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