Jun. 20: Trying again

Can I tell you something that happened that made me super duper mad? Of course I can? Thanks! 

I couldn't sleep the other night at 3am so I blogged on my iPad while laying in bed hoping to fall asleep at any second. Then I tried to make the post slightly interesting and I lost the whole thing.

Why did this make me mad? You are being very helpful today, so I'll tell you.

One. Because I lost it. (Stupid question gets stupid answer.)

Two. Because I tapped out the entire post with my fingers. I didn't use my keyboard because it was in the other room where I keep it buried under other technology that I once thought would be useful but has become totally unnecessary. Tapping lots of letters, as you probably know, takes FOR-FLIPPIN'-EVER.

Three. How did I lose the post? It's a mystery that haunts me to this day. I do know that I won't be using that piece-o'-shit Blog Press app again.

Four. Because I was still awake at 3am. This rarely happens because I take I'm Just This Side of a Crazy Person drugs. Sometimes when I drink caffeine in the late afternoon I will then have a hard time falling asleep. Sometimes I can't make my brain stop running and that keeps me from falling asleep. But when I tapped out that post the other night, none of those things had happened AND it was the third night in a row of insomnia AND I was sleep-depangry (you figger that one out).

Five. There is no five.

Six. It was probably one of the best posts I'd ever written. It would have undoubtedly gone viral because of its unprecedented use of correct grammar, spelling, and profanity, as well as its shockingly perfect level of profundity. Profanity-and-profundity are my favorite kinds of posts, though I admit I prefer the shockingly perfect profane to the shockingly perfect profound.

Seven. Six is a lie. The post sucked.

Eight. When I realized the post was gone, I was still wide awake but in no mood to re-create it. Grrr.

Nine. I finally got a decent night's sleep but can't remember anymore what my lost post was about. I do remember that I had just added these photos when it disappeared:

(...she says before she saves repeatedly, then goes to photo library with her fingers crossed...)

Yay!!! It worked! 

...and that's it, friends. The pointlessiest post ever.


(This post was tapped out on my iPad using the Blogger app, which is considerably less shitty than the Blog Press app. Still shitty, just less so.)

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