Jun. 9: Owie ow ow owie ouch owie

We're on a mini-vacation in Sunriver this weekend. It has been a favorite vacation spot for almost 30 years because I absolutely love being here. I love the smell in the air. I love the peacefulness. I love sitting on the deck and watching giant grey squirrels frolic about. Sometimes a deer even wanders by. Sunriver is a lovely place, full of lovely things.

Yesterday, at 2am, was less than lovely, though. I woke up with excruciating abdominal pain. Because of its location, Victor was concerned that my appendix was the culprit. When the pain showed no sign of dissipating, we sped up to the hospital in Bend. 

It seemed like forever before they got a painkiller in me. I don't think I've felt pain like that in my entire life (I've never been in labor); it was what I can only describe as SUPER-STABBY. When the nurse injected me with Dilaudid, it barely touched the pain. She gave me another dose and I was finally able to relax a bit. 

They took me for a CT, and as I stood to get back in bed the stabbing pain came back. So did the cursing. And nausea. They take a thousand years to shoot me with drugs, but one mention of the word "nausea" and they've got a puke bag in my face in half a second. It wasn't long after the CT that they determined I had a kidney stone. The nurse gave me Toradol, which made the SUPER-STABBY completely disappear. I think I'm in love--that Toradol is goooood stuff. 

They also gave me a bunch of info on my treatment, like why they were sending me home with prostate medication. I was all YOU KNOW I DON'T HAVE ONE, RIGHT? Flomax is supposed to enlarge my ureters, which will make a large stone less likely to get stuck and infected. They gave me a stylish accessory set of a hat-like container and strainer so when I pass the kidney stone, I can save it to display on my mantle. Or give it to a urologist. One of those.

We got back to Sunriver at 7am and I went straight to bed. I got up a few times during the day, but I probably slept 21 of the 24 hours after that. Today I haven't been needing Percocet or Toradol--so I've slept much less--but my prostate is KILLING me. Except for that, and feeling a bit dizzy, I'm actually doing quite well.

I can think of at least 16 things I'd rather do than visit an ER on vacation. I need to come back here healthy, and soon, so my last memory of Sunriver isn't peeing into a hat.



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