Feb. 14: Bite me, jackass

Alright, I may be a little late to the party, but I've just been informed of the fabulous web site zefrank. After just a few clicks around the site, I knew I needed to share it with you, my (four) faithful readers.

I started to post links to a bunch of different things I found but decided it'd be more fun for you to just find them yourselves. 'Cept this one... this might just be the best idea ever.

Note: I do realize the date and the title of this post could lead you, my (four) faithful readers, to assume that I am unhappy with my true love's Valentines Day behavior. That would be wrong. Victor presented me with red roses this morning. Later we had a lovely, oh-so-romantic dinner for six at Red Robin, in which we ate many delicious fried foods that led us to feel overweight, unattractive and a little nauseous. Ah, yes. It was a perfect day.


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  1. You're so right best idea ever i'm afraid to punctuate for i know not which bad thing i'm saying but it's cool i love you for reals


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