Feb. 8: This is NOT a budget tip

Normally I hate the kinds of crafts that are made from garbage, like "Knit appliance cozies from your used dental floss!" and "Staple AOL disks to the wall for a groovy prism-y effect!" There are some things that should just be thrown away. Personally, I think if you spent all of 17 cents decorating a room in your house, that maybe you should just keep that information to yourself.

As with everyone else in life, though, there are exceptions to this rule. Like the idea of spray-painting empty Altoids boxes for different uses; I mean, who doesn't love those little boxes? And who doesn't die a little inside every time you throw one away?

Here's another one: a belt made out of the tabs of pop cans. This is an exception because the result is just so darn cute.

Fine print: I am simply a messenger of goodwill and will not be held responsible if you get jabbed in the tummy with a sharp poke-y stick-y out-y thing from one of the tabs.


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