Feb. 14: Love stinks

OK, love is not really all that odoriferous, unless you follow Jack's gift-giving ideas.

Every year just before Valentine's Day there's a "Dad & Me" night for the preschool classes at Jack's school. This is a time for the children to make something special for their moms, usually a paper craft, because Miss Crystal believes that moms kinda get the short end on most holidays. This is one of the many reasons we love Miss Crystal.

This morning Jack proudly presented me with his handmade V-Day gift: a "book" with an abundance of glitter and sticky pages. I absolutely love it, really. The first page says "My Mom is cute." Page two says, "My favorite thing about Mom is when she hugs me." Next, "Thank you Mom for pirate flashlight." And finally, "I love Mom because she is nice." The last page has a Polaroid of Vic and Jack working on the book. I'm actually surprised Vic and Jack got anything done, having sat at a table with Darby and David (two of our goofball-but-cool neighbors). But if I find out every other mom's books had 12 pages...

Anyway, after I went on and on and on and on to Jack about how wonderful his book is, Vic told me about this conversation on their way to Dad & Me night:

Jack: "Why are we going to school at nighttime?"
Vic: "We're going to make something special for Mommy for Valentine's Day."
Jack: "I want to make her a pizza!"

Have a great love-y day.


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