Feb. 14: Great White Way-ish

This morning I got an e-mail invitation to renew our Broadway in Portland membership for 2007-2008. It looks like a good lineup of shows:

  • Monty Python's Spamalot (we've been dying to see this)
  • Camelot (starring Michael York--I'm sure his resume is impressive, but I only know him as Basil Exposition in the Austin Powers movies)
  • Twelve Angry Men (starring Richard Thomas and George Wendt)
  • Sweeney Todd (I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know anything about this show but Wikipedia says there's "sparse non-sung dialogue," so I'll probably hate it. Other Wikipedia trivia: Tim Burton is making a movie and Johnny Depp will star as Sweeney Todd. Ooooooooooh...)
  • Avenue Q (John Tartaglia starred in this show on Broadway. You Disney Channel viewers know him as Johnny from Johnny & the Sprites. Some of the song titles from Avenue Q's soundtrack: What Do You Do With a B.A. in English?, It Sucks to Be Me, The Internet is for Porn, I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today... you get the idea. We're gonna love this show!)

The extries are The Phantom of the Opera (or "Oprah," as Theo says) and Mamma Mia. I hated hated hated Phantom, but the other is a possibility.

Still left in this year's season are Annie, The Light in the Piazza, and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Our seats are in a great location, so we're definitely getting season tickets again. At $97 each, it's a bargain if we go to more than one show. Plus it's a fun excuse to go out on a date every few months.

Check out the Broadway Across America web site to see the shows coming to your area. And so ends my P.S.A. for today. You're welcome.


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