May 21: Bravery from Katie’s point of view

One of Katie’s writing assignments this week was to tell about the bravest person she knows. What she wrote says so much about the sensitive girl she is, not to mention the person her father is. I am so lucky to have these two people in my life.



I think my dad is the bravest person I’ve ever met because even though he cried, he was strong when Scout was put to sleep. He’s not afraid to be himself or a little crazy. He saved my brother in the street at night when there was a car and dad got hurt. My dad is the husband of a cancer survivor. My dad is not a very good dancer, but he’s a doctor, so he helps when something hurts. I’d say he’s also very brave because his family had about 15 pets and some were Great Danes, German Shepards (my favorite!), and many more. Even if they died, he still cried. And when we went to a funeral, the person’s body was there and he looked at it.

Yeah, so she thinks her dad’s a doctor. That part’s kinda cute. But did you notice that almost every word was spelled correctly, and the whole thing was very smartly punctuated? That be my girl.



  1. Love this, love you, love your family!

  2. What a sweet girl - proud momma moment for sure!


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