May 29: The weekend

This is the first morning of the last six that I have not awakened with a pounding headache. It’s good to feel normal again.

Yesterday Val and I saw Bridesmaids. I’m pretty sure we were the only people on Earth who hadn’t already seen it. It was as hilarious as I had heard, but there were a few surprising parts that were total bummers—like, suddenly my laughter tears were super-duper-sad tears. Overall, though: sooo funny. I LOVED when Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig sang along to Wilson Phillips at the end—priceless!

I stopped at Albertsons on the way home and they were selling half-racks of grilled and sauced-up ribs. The smell was irresistible, so I picked up a couple for dinner. The kids loved them, but Vic and I were kinda RIBS ON SALE OUTSIDE THE GROCERY STORE FOR $5 TASTE LIKE RIBS ON SALE OUTSIDE THE GROCERY STORE FOR $5. Disappointing? Yes. We need to find a good ribs restaurant. Of course, we say that whenever we have so-so ribs and then promptly forget about it, but if you can recommend a place for good ribs in the area, please do. And don’t say “Applebees.”

Vic took the kids and their BFFs to the aquatic park for most of the day yesterday. They left at noon and didn’t get home til 6:30. Since Katie and Jack have been at the aquatic park most often for swimming lessons, they had so much fun at open swim—the slides were open, they could go in any of the pools (there are five), and no one was making them swim properly. They were exhausted last night, but in the best way. Happy, happy kids.

Sunshine took off the other day for a last-minute trip to Arizona to visit girlfriends. Normally I would be really happy for her, but the night before she left I had a dream that she didn’t come back. Every fun picture and fun status update she’s put on fun Facebook all fun weekend is worrying me. Good thing the rest of her family is still here—she has to come back for them, right? Kim F’n-W has promised her access to spike strips will come in handy SHOULD THE NEED ARISE. And no, Chris B, we don’t care that you just got all new tires. We’ll do what we have to to keep our Sunshine Girl where she belongs.

This afternoon we’re going over to Vic’s parents’ house for a Memorial Day barbecue. I predict Darlene will have purchased two steaks for each of us (she frequently forgets we are not the teenage boys she had in the house 25 years ago), but, as always, everything she has prepared will be delicious.

The end.



  1. I will come and eat your other steak, just say the word.

    Did I neglect to mention the sad parts of Bridesmaids? Oops. ;) Glad you enjoyed, tho.


  2. Sounds like basically the best weekend ever!!

    I have not seen Bridesmaids yet and will likely be waiting for DVD, glad to hear it's good! I'll keep some tissues handy.


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