May 8: Sunday things

mothertattooHappy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there, including mine. Pretty sure my mom’s better than all y’all’s, so… y’know… neeners.

I don’t have much to say. This week mostly sucked. I miss my Scout.

  • School stuff was fun. We did a bunch of Teacher Appreciation things all week. We tried a new thing called Send Your Teacher Packin’, which let kids/parents purchase $1 raffle tickets to enter their favorite teacher into a drawing for a weekend getaway. We weren’t sure how it’d go since we’d never done anything like that before, but it was a huge success—we sold over 500 tickets, so the winner is going to get a nice little trip! I love how everyone pulled together on this activity—it ended up being a great way to show how just a little bit of effort from a lot of people can make something nice happen for a deserving teacher.
  • We also ended our month-long reading program with a book giveaway. My favorite part of seeing all the kids come in to choose a free book was that it happened on Nerd Day of Spirit Week, and some of them were REALLY nerdy-lookin’. I think some kids had no idea how hilarious they were. There was even a first grader with Ed Grimley hair. It. Was. Awesome.
  • On Thursday this next week I’m hosting a fundraiser for my Relay for Life team. Have you heard of Miche bags? They’re purses with changeable covers (“shells”) and some of them are really cute. They’re not crazy-overpriced either. Instead of getting hostess credit for having the party, the consultant will write a check to our team for 30% of the total sales. If you’re interested in ordering, let me know. If you can actually be at the party (whether you order or not), even better. Let me know!
  • I dropped my phone the other day and it made that terrible cracking sound that made me want to cry. Instead, I turned my tears into an iPhone 4. I know what you’re thinking: FINALLY! I know what you’re also thinking: she turned tears into a phone? She is MAGIC. It’s true. The best part is now that I have a 4 my friends will stop mocking me. (I have not very nice friends when it comes to phones.)
  • That should have been a good enough Mother’s Day gift, yes. But there was more: Vic is sending me to the Chelsea Handler show when she comes to Portland in June! Val and Cindi and I and I don’t know who else are going. I am totally gonna need a diaper for all the peeing of my pants I will undoubtedly be doing.
  • OK, speaking of excessive laughing, this made me laugh way too hard. It’s so stupid and so funny.

Busy week ahead. I need to get myself psyched up for it. Buh-bye.


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  1. Oh how I hate dropping a phone... but I do like your brand of magic, my dear! Very clever.

    I'm a little bit jealous of the Chelsea Handler outing, but not jealous at all about the wet pants. I wish you luck with that!



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