May 9: Total misrepresentation

Katie is on the student newspaper staff this year. For the April issue, her assignment was to report on Rex Reader, an annual PTO-sponsored reading program. She thought it’d be a cinch because she’d interview the closest PTO officer (me) and be done with it. I find just a few problems with her reporting skills:

  1. I was not aware I was being interviewed that time she plopped down on the floor by my desk and asked me two questions about Rex Reader and giggled at the dog during my answers.
  2. In her very short article, she managed to make me sound like a complete moron.

See for yourself (I highlighted the “My mom is a dummy” paragraph for your pleasure):

Rex Reader

This is slander or libel or somethin’ sinister I saw on Law & Order once. Pretty sure.



  1. I love it! Out of the mouths of babes... hee hee. "Book thing," that just sounds like something you'd say... not.

  2. You betcha, reading is for kids.

  3. I'm pretty sure she's required to tell you that she's interviewing you for a news source so that you have the opportunity to tell her, "This is off the record." Or something. :OP

  4. Haha. I knew you were going to love that one. :)

  5. Hope it airs on Law & Order UK. The lawsuit would be so cool portrayed with the British accent!


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