Nov. 17: Watching

tv I can’t remember how long ago we cancelled cable TV service, but it seems like maybe a couple years. Victor missed ESPN and other sports channels. I missed the frequent Law & Order marathons on TNT and USA. Katie missed watching hours of reruns on Disney and Nickelodeon in her spare time. Generally, it seemed like having less reason to sit in front of the TV was a good thing for our family.

Without cable we were still able to keep up with our favorite current shows by watching Hulu, and thanks to Netflix and Amazon Prime, we got to watch season after season of new-to-us shows. I honestly don’t think Victor or I spent any less time watching TV than before, but the kids definitely did.

And then something terrible happened.

A couple weekends ago Victor realized we were no longer getting a good signal to receive local channels. We bought an antenna but it made no difference. He was hyperventilating over the idea of missing a football game between two teams he cares nothing about, so I contacted Comcast to get us hooked up again.

The rep didn’t ask if we wanted HD service, and I didn’t even think about asking for it; it’s been 16+ years since I last requested cable TV service. The picture is terrible and we’ll be fixing that soon. But after a week of being able to watch live (fuzzy) football on local channels, ESPN, and the NFL network, my husband is happy as can be. Jack, too.

Katie has happily parked herself in front of Disney and Nickelodeon night after night. I haven’t had a chance to watch much L&O, but I predict I’ll be folding laundry in front of a marathon soon. Give us a few more months and we’ll be TV zombies again. Yaaaaay.


Yep, I’m doing another blog challenge. This one is photo-riffic!

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