Nov. 24: Technology

This blog challenge that I’m half quarter third-assing? Yeah, it’s goin’ just super. Today’s prompt is technology, which is perfect because I wanted to post this photo anyway.

Tina, my dear, sweet neighbor-friend, Instagrammed a pic of her kid playing in boxes.


Pretty cute, right? But the part I really love is the comment Tina’s middle kid wrote to complain about Tina’s oldest kid.


I’m sure Tina will stop her busy moving project… read comments on Instagram… drop everything… drag Alex from his awesome box fort and load him in the car… and race home to mediate whatever injustice is being done. Yep.

Ah, technology. Thanks to social media, when kids are home alone they can whine to their parents in real time. In my day we met them at the door, sometimes bloodied, always emotionally scarred, and promptly ruined their evening.

I can’t decide which is better.


Yep, I’m doing another blog challenge. This one is photo-riffic!

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