Nov. 21: Work or play?

wreathmusic Every year since 2004, we’ve sent out CDs of oh-so-carefully-selected Christmas music to some of the people on our Christmas card list. Creating the playlist is a project that typically begins in July and continues through late November. I make up a rough list over months and months of research and occasional piracy, design the CD label and case (sleeve) sticker, and Victor jumps in at the end with final approval and the ceremonial Burning of the Huge Spindle of CDs Why Oh Why Do We Continue To Do This Every Year I Don’t Think People Even Care But Jen is a Creature of Habit and Can’t Not Do It So Shut Up and Keep Clicking Those Buttons. That is totally what we call it.

I get excited to start the process every year; it’s become a holiday tradition in the family. Even the kids like to get in on the fun. I enjoy teaching them the fine art of blending The Carpenters, Bing, and Frank with Jimmy Eat World and Barenaked Ladies in a way that makes the finest hour of music anyone’s ever heard.

I might (might!) be overestimating the importance of this thing. Might.

We never set out to create a new CD every year; in 2004, it was just a fun addition to our Christmas cards. But then we talked about how there were still lots of songs we thought we’d like to share, and made another CD in 2005. I don’t think we even discussed whether or not we should make one in 2006. We just did it, and we kept doing it, and now I’m working on our Tenth Annual Christmas CD Extraordinaire. Again with the overestimating and Unnecessary Capitalization!

This year I got a late start. A few weeks ago I checked iTunes for new releases and made notes, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I actually got serious. I made the mistake of setting up at the kitchen table (instead of my desk) and sat in a chair that, while quite comfortable for a meal, is not ideal for seven hours of intense musical work. That’s why I took a handful of muscle relaxants before bed last night and also why this year’s possible CD titles include:

Joy to the OMG I Need a Drink
The 12 Days of Chiropractic Adjustments
All I Want for Christmas is an Ass That Doesn’t Hurt


And now this CD has become a chore. Now I’m not having fun. Now I kinda hate Christmas music. Now I’m remembering that EVERY YEAR I go through the questioning and the re-thinking and the frustration and the throwing in of the embroidered poinsettia towel… but then it all comes together and people say nice things and I’m glad I made the effort. I’ll finish up my part today, turn the rest over to my husband, and will once again be the Christmas music-loving, listen-all-year-long dork that you know and love shake your head over.

Maybe it’s just my extremely relaxed muscles talking, but I already can’t wait to start on the playlist for 2014.


Yep, I’m doing another blog challenge. This one is photo-riffic!

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