Nov. 5: A favorite place

When you think of your favorite place, is that place an actual location or is it more like a state of mind? For me, it’s either or both. My favorite locations—where I’m happiest, I think—are an (uncrowded) beach, Sunriver, Disneyland Resort, San Francisco, and Maui. I’d add Paris, France to the list but-cept being in a country where people pretend they don’t understand English stresses me out.

State of mind-wise, I’d say my favorite place is wherever I’m around people with which I’m able to be myself… the ones who “get” me… who aren’t competitive… who can relax too… who make even boring stuff fun. Here’s art I found on Pinterest that sums up this state of mind pretty well:


I’m fortunate to have a lot of friends who bring love and laughter wherever they go, which means I spend time in my favorite place frequently. How lucky am I?

So no, I don’t have to leave home to be in my favorite place, but I’ll be honest: an opportunity to leave home is almost never refused. I say this just in case you were planning to give me a vacation for Christmas but are now thinking it’s not what I want. IT IS TOTALLY WHAT I WANT, OK?


Yep, I’m doing another blog challenge. This one is photo-riffic!

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  1. I'm totally with you - sometimes a favorite place just means being with the right non-judgy people that make me laugh. Luckily I seem to have collected a lot of those!

    Favorite physical places: the bookstore, my favorite coffee shop, my grandmother's house, sleeping (lol)


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