Sept. 27: One more mouth to feed

No, we're not having another kid, unless someone's invented something more powerful than a Prozac-Xanax-Vicodin cocktail for Mommy. Last weekend our neighbor brought us a stray dog (a Rat Terrier, just like cousin Shelby!) and we haven't had any luck finding her owners. That's actually not too upsetting for us because she's turned out to be a real sweetheart, and we're hoping to keep her. We've been calling her Casey, as in "at the bat," or the famed Yankees manager, not K.C. as in "& the Sunshine Band." Just to clarify.

I've added a couple new pages to the site. There are pictures of Katie and the first tooth she lost here, and another couple of pictures from soccer practice earlier this month. I'll add pictures of our sweet Casey once we're more confident she's here to stay.

Sally and Presley are visiting next week!

Hooray for the new TV season making my TiVo useful again. Now I can watch all that crap whenever I damn well please.

Time for a survey for you parents out there. Every once in a while I hear myself saying something to my kids that I never thought I'd need to say. This goes beyond "Don't run into traffic," and "We don't need to see the food in your mouth, thank you." I know I'm not alone, and I want to hear some of the things YOU have surprised yourself saying. For funsies, I'll start:

1. Do NOT take things out of the toilet.

2. Please don't spit on the dog.

3. We don't pee in the front yard.

4. Who left their sandwich in the bathroom?

Now it's your turn.


  1. How about "Who took my sandwich? I left it in the bathroom?"

    "You mean I have to WORK my way through college??"

    "I washed my hands yesterday!"

    "B-B-B-E-L-L-L-CH! Thank you. Cha-cha-cha."

  2. Well, here goes. I'll leave out the comments to my children that often involve expletives because...well..because it makes me look bad.

    I've been astounded to hear, out of my mouth, the words "When I was your age I had to get up to turn the t.v. station and we only had 4 stations so it wasn't that hard. And we didn't have video tapes and we were happy to see Charlie Brown a couple of holidays a year."

    Here's another. I told my daughter once "You sound like a broken record." And she looked at me like I was speaking pig latin (which, by the way, she's never heard of either!).

  3. Last week I actually uttered the phrase "No, sweetie, we do NOT lick our shoes."


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