Oct. 28: Statistics 101

Today I was looking at site statistics for manullang.com, and found some odd bits of information. I know you care. I know you're curious to hear everything. And so, because I hate to disappoint my readers (all four of you), here's the scoop:

First of all, it appears I have more than four readers. In fact, so far this month there have been 2,212 unique visitors to manullang.com and more than 16,000 hits. That's just for October! How is that possible? Even my mom doesn't read everything I write.

Well, my site statistics show me why some people visit manullang.com. Google leads them here!

Top 20 Search Strings

  1. kitty litter dessert - in case you haven't seen this delicious dish, you must. Go here. Lori says you don't actually have to use a new litter box, just wash the one you've got.
  2. french sentence translator - a silly thing I put on the site when I was playing with JavaScripts. If you're curious, here it is.
  3. vegetable bouquet - Another great recipe.
  4. civil air patrol uniform - I used to have a picture of my nephew in his Civil Air Patrol uniform on my sister's page.
  5. naked boy - this scares me more than just a little bit. Must be disappointing to pedophiles and child pornographers when a pic of 6-month-old Jack is all they find.
  6. photo of dog eating at table - this is humiliating, but yes, we once took a pic of Scout enjoying Christmas dinner with the family. (And no, those people are not me. They were my step-family back then.)
  7. manullang.com
  8. civil air patrol bdu
  9. Civil Air Patrol uniforms
  10. French Sentence Translator
  11. disneyland castle florida - what searching dummy thinks Disneyland has a castle in Florida? After we went to Disney World, I did compare the castle in Magic Kingdom to the one in Disneyland, but I certainly never put those three words together.
  12. donkey dung sea - heh heh. One of my favorite things from our Disney Cruise in 2003 was the Donkey Dung Sea Cucumber we saw at an aquarium in St. Thomas.
  13. scrapbooked christmas cards - no idea, except maybe text found in a few different places
  14. ultrasound 13 weeks - this could be one of mine or my friends'.
  15. vegetable Party Bouquet
  16. www.manullang.com
  17. 11 weeks pregnant ultrasounds
  18. Airman Uniform
  19. Civil Air Patrol BDU
  20. daryl Manullang - the only surprise here is that it's #20 ... who wouldn't want to know about my fabulous brother-in-law, Daryl?

The other thing I found was the top ten pages at which visitors actually entered the site (beside the home page). This wasn't quite as surprising, especially after reading the search stats.

  • DCLcruisingtips.htm (this link is published on the Disney Information Systems forum, so there are lots of recent hits)
  • jensblog.htm (my "latest news" page)
  • kitty_litter_cake.htm
  • voss.htm
  • cruiseintro.htm (first page of our 2003 Disney Cruise trip report)
  • vegetablepartybouquet.htm
  • translator.htm
  • attire.htm (part of our pre-cruise packing documents)
  • orlando2004.htm (WDW trip report)

I can also see the countries from which my faithful followers are visiting. Keep in mind that besides the first two, the others range in percentage from .01% to 1.33% ... so these foreigners really don't find me all that interesting. Where's the love?

  1. US Commercial
  2. Unresolved/Unknown
  3. Indonesia
  4. US Educational
  5. Canada
  6. Non-Profit Organization
  7. Australia
  8. US Government
  9. Germany
  10. US Military
  11. United States
  12. France
  13. United Kingdom
  14. Poland
  15. Belgium
  16. Brazil
  17. Czech Republic
  18. Netherlands
  19. Seychelles
  20. Argentina
  21. Croatia (Hrvatska)
  22. Spain
  23. Japan
  24. Sweden
  25. Italy
  26. Slovak Republic
  27. Yugoslavia

What, no Whitetrashistan?

Unfortunately, that's just about all I can find out about the people that hang out at manullang.com. I don't collect IP addresses, nor do I have any other identifying code hidden on the site. And, quite frankly, these statistics are so unimpressive that I read them only a couple times a year. And then I am consumed with them for a couple days because I can't possibly imagine what someone in Seychelles could find interesting here. But then I forget and go back to writing for my regular little audience.

My four lovelies, you are so dear to me. :)



  1. I'm reader #1. I don't want to be #4 (cuz that's last) and being #2 would just be yucky (altho I've been called worse.) #3 just doesn't fit me, so yeah, I'm #1.

  2. Well, I can assure you that you're NOT #5. (If you remember correctly, #5 involves a small tuxedo, daddy-wee-wa, and an unfortunate Best Man put in charge of clean-up.)

  3. I thought that was #8!!!! And I only had that once!


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