Oct. 14: It's all in your perspective

You might have heard me say before that the one reason I enjoy shopping at Wal-Mart is that my self-esteem is raised about a thousand points. It's not that I think I'm better than the other shoppers, but I do take a little more time preparing to walk out my front door. I usually don't leave home without taking a quick peek in the mirror, my clothes are mostly clean and not hole-y, and my children don't call me "Ma." Or as Vic says, "Oh, you think you're sooooo good, just because you're wearing shoes AND a bra!"

Yes, that's an awfully long explanation to introduce today's funny graphic.

Oh, but that's not all! I will pay one meeeelion dollars* to anyone who can find an actual doorbell like this one.

I had two dreams last night. In one, I forgot to tell my hairdresser to give me bangs. In the other one, Vic got off a weird carnival ride and his hair was so windblown and bouffant, he looked just like one of his aunts. I call my dreams "imaginative," but I think the medical diagnosis is "cuckoo."

Many lovies--


*Yeah, right. Don't you think if I had a meeeelion dollars that I'd find the dang doorbell myself??? Or maybe having all that money, maybe I could buy myself a little good taste...

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