Oct. 7: Yo, I know pi to a thousand places

Normally I'm not one to ask, "Have you seen the latest Weird Al video?" But I must make an exception here. The song, "White and Nerdy," is pretty funny, but it's the backup dancer that makes this worth watching. YES, it's who you think it is!


  1. Ok, no one loves the Don quite as much as anonymous me, but this video puts him a peg or two above Gary Coleman. Sheesh, Donny, what happened to ya? What happened to my puppy love? My soldier of love? There's nothing left for me to do but drink myself outta this depression. I'm so sad.
    PS: Don't forget Marie's bday on Oct 13 (same day as Erin's!)

  2. What would Joseph Smith say??? HUH? Bet ya never thought about that!!


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