Oct. 19: I'm the Diet Coke of evil

I'll bet you thought I was a villainous wench, didn't you? But according to this highly scientific quiz, I'm only 33 percent evil. Now, is that really that bad? I mean, we all have our days, right? Take the quiz yourself, and let me know what your results were. 'Specially you, Martin.

How evil are you? (The quiz starts about halfway down the page)

By the way, happy Halloween! Here's an animated image to celebrate the season, cuz I know ya loves 'em.

Happy birthday, Ron!


  1. As I only came out to be 13% evil, I bow humbly in thy dark shadow...

  2. Actually, that is exactly how Mickey Mouse originally appeared in the German animated short, "Haus de shuck meellions frahm ze vorld". Legend has it that Uncle Walt was so taken by the family-friendly, innocent message, and likeable rodent-like main character, that he purchased the rights and, well, the rest is capitalistic history. (More trivia, the original Mickey's pupils actually are in the shape of dollar signs. This was found to frighten children so they were airbrushed out. Strangly, the fangs were tested well.)

  3. Martin, it's evil to be dishonest when answering questions about how evil you might be. I bet I know what your answer was to the one about what you do when you see a puppy in the street...


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