Oct. 6: Boys are icky

OK, here's the situation. Victor has just gotten home after a long day of work. He starts changing out of his scrubs, and while talking to me, actually stops for a second to smell his socks before tossing them into the hamper. This happens at least five days a week. And it's been going on for at least the almost ten years that we've been married. I don't understand it. Does he think that one day his socks won't stink? That he might just put them back in his drawer? Or maybe he simply enjoys foot odor. After all, he does love to eat natto, and we all know that stuff smells like body parts that haven't been washed in a long, long time.

If you have any ideas why that dude I married has such a beastly habit, please share.

Last night we saw the second show in this season's Broadway in Portland series, "Sweet Charity." I tell ya, there was a day I woulda been thrilled to see Molly Ringwald in a stage show, but I honestly wasn't all that impressed with her performance last night. I guess 20 years ago I was blind to her inability to act. The music was fun, and the choreography was impressive. Maybe the fact that this show came so soon after "Wicked" is what was disappointing.

There's an adorable new Presley pic on the Daryl-Sally-Presley page. Is she the cutest thing ever, or what?

Today's web site is a good'n: Here's a service that will call in sick for you. Go ahead, sleep in! Call-in-sick.


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