Jan. 22: Take me away

I promised Jack months ago that someday we would go on a “no more cancer” Disney cruise. No, Disney’s not coming up with weird theme cruises—this is just something we came up with for ourselves. He went on a Disney cruise in 2003, for Darlene & Wellington’s 40th anniversary, and was about 18 months old then. He hates that he can’t remember a thing about it, and has tried to convince us that the fair thing to do is go again. Silly kid doesn’t realize there’s no need to try to talk us into anything—Victor and I are always ready to do Disney. mickeyears

(You gotta check out that link above, just to look at how cute and little Katie and Jack were on that trip. Whoa. Soooo little.)

Katie, of course, wants to go, but unlike her brother, she seems to think she remembers the 2003 trip. Pretty sure she doesn’t. She was just over three years old. She probably pretends to remember it just to make Jack mad.

So yeah, we’re all wanting to go on a cruise. Being a cancer-free family just gives us a super-awesome reason to celebrate!

This last week the newest Disney ship was christened. It embarks on its first cruise of the Caribbean in a few days. This new ship is something like 40 percent bigger than the one we sailed on twice, and I’m dying to see it. However, it’s scheduled to be in the Caribbean for the next year, at least, and it’s only doing the three- and four-night cruises for now. We really prefer the longer cruises, mostly because the extreme seasickness has time to improve over seven-plus days.

We’re planning a trip to Florida in August, and my guess is that the Caribbean islands are more pleasant during non-August months (our previous visits were in February and April and were mostly lovely). My feeling is that we’d best stay on land during that vacation—which I imagine will be miserable enough, weather-wise.

One of the old Disney ships makes its way through the Panama Canal this month to cruise the Mexican Riviera, and then it heads up the coast in late spring to cruise Alaska for a few months. So I’ve got my eye on an Alaskan cruise now… they’re seven nights long, soon-ish, leave from Vancouver, B.C. (no five-hour flight to get to the port!), and go somewhere we haven’t already been. Those are all good things. If only it was on the new ship. Dang.

So, the big question now is who’s with us?

Check out the schedules and rates at the Disney Cruise Line site, or VacationsToGo.com for its way-deep discounts. Because you know you want to go along. And we need to do this thing before anyone gets cancer again.



  1. Okay, I would love to do that! In fact, I was looking at the Disney Alaska cruise. What date(s) are you considering?

  2. Not sure yet, Sheila... maybe late May? Late June? I'll let you know when I get an idea. xoxo

  3. I'd love to take a cruise someday but the logistics are a bit harder from the midwest. Guaranteed that we have to fly, you know? An Alaskan cruise sounds lovely!


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