Jan. 25: Poker Night haiku

Saturday night was Poker Night for a bunch of us. I think the best way to commemorate the evening is with haiku. (Duh.)


Tasty meal by Jim
We crowd around the table
Eat until it’s gone.
“I can’t stop staring”
Says Chris F about The Beard
He’s so George Clooney.
cards The whipped cream vodka
With orange juice and ice cubes 
Creamsicles? More, please!
The Fancy™ Fam’ly
Makes perfect gin and tonics
And velour tables.
Here is your green chip
It’s worth five hundred dollars!
(Of play money. Pffft.)
Ev’ryone brings snacks
Val shares her communion bread
Oh, the holiness!
Chris B tries to bluff
But Jen has a run of luck
He’s such a baby.
The Beard makes us cry
Yes, it’s the stuff of nightmares
George Clooney nightmares.
Ace/king look pretty
But don’t win. “That’s an Anna
Kournikova.” Ha!
Booze flows. Lori turns.
Falls right off her chair. We laugh.
She looks so confused.
Big and little blinds
Become huge and monster blinds
Where’d all my chips go?
It’s late, time to go.
Jim and Eric split the pot.
We all stumble home.
Can’t wait for next time! 
Let’s do it tomorrow, please
Will The Beard feed us?


1 comment:

  1. Oh...I LOVE this! Will the Beard still feed us if said "beard" is gone?


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