Jan. 10: Daybook


Outside my window... it’s beautiful and sunny but I know that’s just that nasty bitch Mother Nature trying to distract me from the forecast. We’re supposed to get nine inches of snow tomorrow night. While I love to look at snow, I do not like when I have to drive in it or people I love have to drive in it—nobody around here knows how to drive in snow because we so rarely have any (thank GOD). I’m also not super fond of the snow keeping my kids home from school, although that’s never as bad as I expect it to be. And this year we have toboggans, so it might actually be fun. The hill around the corner is perfect for sledding. OK, maybe the anticipation of the snow is actually worse than the snow itself. I’ll let you know.

This weekend, I… broke the PTO web site and then fixed it again. Took me almost all day Saturday. Technology is just pffft sometimes. Yesterday I worked on more PTO-related things and in the evening I went to a surprise birthday party for Jenn K. She wasn’t totally surprised, but it was still lots of fun. Plus there were super-cool people there. And there was a shower in all the bathrooms. McMenamins Edgefield is a strange place. Anyway, a blast was had by all. I’ve got some really fun friends, I do.


Jen, Sunshine, Dina, Birthday Girl Jenn K, Wendy


All of the above, plus Teresa

I am reading... that Gregory Maguire book I mentioned last week. I’m having a hard time getting into it, and still not sure I’m going to stick with it. The description sounds intriguing, but it’s moving awfully slow.

I am thankful... for many things, but especially those girls in the pics above. Yes.

One of my favorite things... is how much the little penguin in this video makes me laugh:

Goofy little bird

Plans for the rest of the week: a couple doctor appointments, a couple meetings, a couple days’ for-pay work, probably a snow day or two.

Here’s another video I want to share:

Back to it.

Want to blog your own Daybook? Here’s the info: The Simple Woman’s Daybook.

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  1. I think if we had heated streets and driveways that snow wouldn't really bother me at all. Why hasn't that happened yet?


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