Jan. 2: Blog testing

I'm testing new blog stuff. Bear with me.
1. I got a super cheap Bluetooth keyboard so I can do more stuff on my iPad. I am using it right now, and so far I think it's pretty awesome.
2. I downloaded this app to let me blog easily because I hate the Blogger iPad app. I think the app is called BlogPress, but I don't know because it doesn't say so at the top of the screen. It says "BlogPress" at the bottom of the post, though, so I'm going with "BlogPress" as the app name. Yes.
That's already too many things to be testing at once. But nooooo...
3. This keyboard is a (fake) Apple keyboard. I love it for its simplicity and normal key size, but there are things like WHERE THE EFF IS THE END KEY and WHY DOESN'T CONTROL+ARROW MOVE ME ONE WORD AT A TIME??? Then I remember that I can just tap on my screen to move around and I feel like an idiot.
4. I think there's no spellcheck in this app and that sucks. Or maybe I'm not doing it right. Wait, it red-underlined "nooooo," but not a "scree," my typo of "screen." Maybe "scree" is a word of which I'm unaware? I'd check but I'm afraid to close this app for fear the entire post will implode. It could happen.
5. Seriously, no curly apostrophes and quotation marks? That may lead to this app's demise... I loves me my curly apostrophes and quotation marks.
6. Now I shall attempt to add a photo. Cross your fingers.

It worked!
7. Now I'll see how publishing goes. If it works well, I'll try adding formatting and hyperlinks and fancy stuff like that in my next post. Hold your breath...
- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


  1. Scree is a word. Scree is a collection of loose or smaller broken rocks at the base of a cliff.

    I just thought you would want to know. ;)

  2. Thank you! I'm going to try to work "scree" into a sentence today. :)

  3. Some samples for you to try, Jen...

    "If I fall off a cliff, I'll die in the scree."

    "If life is a cliff to climb, I'm still in the scree."

    "Sure, I'd wingsuit off a cliff, but those screes look like they could cut you up." (*bonus plural usage*)

    "I went trick-or-treating last year and all I got was some scree." (Charlie Brown on Scree)

    "The economy is stuck in the scree."


  4. Michael, I am SO grateful for your help. Who knew it was such a useful word?! ;)


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